Sylhet Agricultural University Job Circular 2020

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Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU), disclosing the potentiality as a leading international institution of higher learning of Agricultural perspectives in Bangladesh, strives to magnetize and nurture outstanding scholars in Home and from around the world through excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange, contributing to the encroachment of society and the development of leaders through a global presence, regional significance and engagement with the rational activities to fill the demand of time.To be a centre of excellence for agricultural studies and developing the leaders of tomorrow in sustainable development relating to the agriculture, rural economy, built environment and ensure food security, and to provide leadership regionally, nationally and internationally through its education, research, and knowledge exchange activities.

Position:  Section Officer, Store Officer 

Number of vacancies: 04

Grade:  22,000-53,060/- 16,000-38,640/-

Closing Date: 06 January 2021

পছন্দের এলাকায় পার্টটাইম/ফুলটাইম চাকরি খুঁজে পেতে এই অ্যাপটি ইন্সটল করেএখনই আবেদন করুন

Applications should be submitted by the online.
Please do not send CV in an email.
You can see the job circular for details

Sylhet Agricultural University Job Circular 2020

Source: Ittefaq, 06 December 2020

Application Deadline: 06 January 2021 

Sylhet Agricultural University Dhaka enjoys the distinction of being the first private sector for-profit corporate hospital in Bangladesh. We started our operations as a tertiary care super specialty hospital on March 30, 2005. Our affiliation with the prestigious quality brand of Sylhet Agricultural University Enterprises Limited (AHEL) of India, reflects the International Standard for Quality and Patient Safety in providing corporate healthcare and consumer value in our market niche. Being the first and only Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital in Bangladesh, Sylhet Agricultural University Dhaka leads with clear superiority in healthcare solution market proving that once inaccessible pinnacles in healthcare delivery parameters can be reached. Our clinical excellence today is of course unmatched. But the courage – courage to move forward as the first for-profit corporate hospital in the country, to lead where none has gone before – is doubly unmatched.

Sylhet Agricultural University was officially inaugurated on 02 November, 2006 following the issuance of an official recognition and notification by the Bangladeshi Government having fulfilled all the requirements of a university status. It was established to be referred to and known as the Sylhet Agricultural University by the Sylhet Agricultural University Act 2006 which was passed in the National Parliament on 03 October 2006. The university’s Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science came into being through the upgrading of the Sylhet Government Veterinary College (SGVC) as part of the new university.

The SGVC was established in 1995 and had been functioning as a “School of Life Sciences” under the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Science (FVAS) of SAU is a dynamic and critically important faculty whose members are dedicated to preparing present and future veterinarians and veterinary scientists while advancing animal and human health, promoting the concept of one health and encouraging cross-disciplinary research. To date, the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science has so far produced almost 900 graduates. These graduates have been playing vital roles in the development of livestock production systems, upgrading of health at the human-animal interface, provision of clinical services, classical and eco-epidemiology and enhancement of the agro-allied based economy. They are involved in various national and international services as well.

Apart from the FVAS mentioned above, four other faculties are available in the University namely theFaculties of Fisheries; Agriculture; Agricultural Economics & Business Studies, and Agricultural Engineering & Technology. These Faculties provide technical and scientific trainings to meet the manpower needs of the society and these represent key contributions of the SAU. The campus presently receiving large numbers of applications from prospective students and currently has a large population of students, researchers, faculties, post doctoral fellows and support staff which are keys in the meeting of the University’s objectives. SAU provides an exceptionally sound and interesting varieties of courses, covering different fields of agriculture and its allied disciplines at all levels of higher education. In addition, it offers a series of short courses and trainings to meet the middle-level manpower needs and several in-service trainings to meet the need of the industry; SAU indeed has a solution for everyone.

Central to the University objective is the improvement of the quality and standard of higher agricultural education and to produce first rate competent applied agriculturists to meet the need of agricultural development of the country. To achieve this objective, over 90 percent of the recurring budget and the university development fund come from the Government subventions through University Grants Commission (UGC).  


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